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Catalogue BLOG and not many other things that rhyme.

    Well there are more catalogues being scanned and eventually posted, and I thought now might be a good time to update everyone on the “progress” I am making with that.  As many of you know, I’m not terribly computer literate (Esteban just makes everything look nice for me!) so simple things like converting them to easy to download and read .pdf files is usually a pretty big stumbling block.  Fortunately I have now found a program that is simple enough for even me to operate, so hopefully soon we’ll be seeing more and more catalogues posted for everyone’s viewing (and reference) pleasure.

    I have been trying to come up with viable methods of posting these for some time now, and I even went so far as to try using our gallery software to do it- pretty pathetic, I know, but I was desperate, and even though the 2003 US Dealer’s catalogue was up, I was never happy with it- take a look and you’ll see why.

2003 Catalogue in Gallery

    But, fortunately we have come a little farther than that, and eventually, when I get around to re-working a few other things that need to be changed/fixed/updated I’ll have them all listed in an easier and better way.  For now though, Here’s a partial list of what’s ready to go.  

    Of course I am always looking for additional scans of catalogues, brochures, literature etc from just about anything SAK related, so please if you have anything at all, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll try to get it copied and posted ASAP.  And, we have to thank Karl, aka vaswiss for providing some of these and for keeping on me to get them posted!