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Just Recently I had the Task of dismantling the small swimming pool that my two boys used throughout the summer when visting with my In-Laws. The Pool an inflatable model from Intek has seen six or seven seasons worth of use. This year the Wife and I decided that with several small leaks developing and two growing boys that this would be the last year.

    It's been a month now since we launched EDCSource and it's been a success so far!  There have been over a hundred different auctions listed and I've managed to fill some holes in my own collection as well! 

This has to be the only aluminum beer bottle puncture tests ever done.  Anyone could use leather, nylon, wallboard or any other common house hold items. I used aluminum beer bottles. How much effort would it take to punch a hole into the bottle? If you can not get the cap off or the wife wanted to make wind chimes, which is the easiest knife to use?

    Recently I was able to get some cool Wenger models that I've been wanting for a while, but were always a lower priority than other models.  For the longest time, dealers were liquidating the various Sport models for very low prices, and so I, like many others, envisioned these would almost always be available.  Sadly, that was not the case, as the seemingly bottomless supply of them has been drying up, so if anyone else is holding off on getting them, you shouldn't hold off too much longer.

A strong 111mm that can be used by profesionals or civilians, buildt to last.

Maybe I hung myself a little up in the belt cutter because I knew the serrations was sharp but when I got a problem finding materials to be cut and saw that nothing really could stop the blade from doing its job, then I understood that Services Range has extreme qualities.