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Having lived with this SAK for a while now I thought I’d give you some of my thoughts on this much-overlooked little knife. The Ambassador comes from the Victorinox 74mm range and, though I've handled a couple before, it's the first one I've owned.


Sometimes, all that is needed is a small keychain multi-tool perfect for common light duty. However, sometimes, you require a bit more, well maybe a lot more. You might be in the market for a heavy hitter. Those tools that instill confidence, and would look right at home hanging off the belt of a tradesman.  Yes, we are going to take a short romp through a few of the big multi-tools out there.  Represented in this comparison are Leatherman, Victorinox, and SOG. Conspicuously absent is Gerber of which I don’t really have a large multi-tool to toss into the fray. I understand that the Diesel is their imposing model. If you are currently in the market for a large heavy duty MT, then you might want to include that model in your research.

From left to right: Victorinox WorkChamp  XL, SOG PowerAssist S66, SOG PowerLock Version 2.0 S69, Leatherman Surge, Leatherman Super Tool, Leatherman Core, and Victorinox SwissTool RS.

Right, so I got my Spirit X from Tim, and here's my review. I'm quite excited about this one because I had been obsessing about it for some time. Not the decision as to whether to buy one, but about how to get a pocket clip on it. I do not have the ability nor tools to perform the excellent mod done by J-Sews, so I had to think of something else.

This something else is the Clipdraw, which I first read about on this forum. This is not so much a review of the Spirit X as it is one of the Clipdraw on one.

First up, the Clipdraw. Here's what I bought

Ok, So my sister was snooping on my Amazon wishlist and she ordered me a New Soldier.  I have had it for a week and since we have been renovating my wife's old bedroom I decided to use it for everything I could.  Below is a list of how it was used and my opinions on it.

I’ve always wondered why Wenger ranger was not selected as an option for the new soldier, but I suppose whatever behind the reasoning will never be known to us. But I’d like to compare the predecessors of the new soldier, the OHT, and potential candidate from Wenger, the Ranger 78

Well this time, let us take a look at a few Wenger models.

Wenger it seems has been making Swiss Army Knives almost as long as Victorinox, the company that sort of started it all. Wenger has been in the business since the late eighteen hundreds. Interestingly enough, the Swiss Army, decided to reduce this rivalry by giving each 50% of their order. This way, Victorinox can state that it was the Original Swiss Army Knife, and Wenger can proudly claim that it’s The Genuine Swiss Army Knife as both had to make their products to Swiss Army specifications.

When I first got this bad boy last week, I actually said "wow" aloud after opening the monstrous main blade. Bigger by far than the Swisstool  RS blade and about as wide as the alox blade.  Features a nice sliding blade lock on the scales as opposed to the trekker liner lock which it shares the same body style with.