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     Live From Las Vegas!    

    Well it's been an amazing few days since I got here, and as much as I hate to admit it, it is time to go home.  Between Bob (J-Sews) and I, we have over 700 pictures, video and audio and many stories that I'll try to relate here as quickly as possible.

    In fact, here's a start- the new Wenger 1893 limited release that was the main reason I am here at all!

    I actually met with the president of Wenger, Peter Hug, and the marketing director for, Dennis Piretra, and we had a good roundtable discussion with Tim from Felinevet about all of the cool new things that Wenger is coming out with, and how we can best arrange it to benefit SOSAK members!  Let me tell you, Wenger has some pretty cool stuff coming, and we plan to be a big part of it!

    I'll post more pictures shortly but right now I have to get ready and get to the airport- I've got a plane to catch and a long trip ahead of me!