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     Wenger's New Pocket Clip    

    Here's another interesting development from Wenger- the New Ranger Pocket Clip!  It will be available soon on several different models and I'd suggest contacting Tim at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for release dates.  Here is the first look the public is getting of them, so enjoy!

    As is typical with Wenger, they have paid attention to the wants and needs of the average user, and they made this one ergonomic to match the New Ranger Evolution scales- anything less wouldn't be Wenger!

    I'll go into more detail with it for March, but for now I wanted to show folks what they looked like and get some basic info out to everyone since most folks have been waiting for this idea to finally come from the factory!

    There will be 4 models available with the clip- The 151, 51, 53 and 61.  The 53 is the only non OH model, and these models will also be available without the clip for folks who don't want it!