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 According to Wikipedia, an awful lot of things happened in 1974, and while looking through for any particular item I could use to make this article interesting, I came across the fact that I am 8 days older than Joaquin Phoenix- something I never knew before, and still really am not certain if that’s important or not! In addition to me coming into being, starting the chain of events that eventually led to this site, this next knife, a gift from a very generous member, also came into being, and trust me, it’s a lot more interesting than Joaquin Phoenix and me combined!

 Ten grand, 10K, dix mille.... no matter how you say it, it’s an impressive milestone and has taken us five and a half years to reach it! Or at least it will, when we get there- as of this writing we are about 9,960 members, meaning we have 40 to go. I have no doubt we’ll hit that very soon. EDIT- This article is out of date- between writing and publishing we buried this landmark!

Who wants a shot at free stuff?  I'm going to guess that just about everyone out there wants a shot at this package!  It consists of a 2010 US Dealer's catalogue with all kinds of neat information in addition to the photos and descriptions of each current model.  This kit also comes with a copy of A Friend In Need, a small booklet which includes all manner of stories in which a SAK has saved the day!  Last but certainly not least is the 2010 Media Kit 1gb SwissMemory Flight model, identical to the one in this month's article!

The Offizersmesser or Officers Knife. What knife is it? I narrowed that question down to two different opinions from two different sources. I thought I could do a little internet investigation and find the ultimate answer to the ultimate question for SAK lovers. The harder I looked the more confused I got. So who are we to believe?

After last month's video on scale replacement I got an email from PtiSuisse, who had some very different opinions than mine on how to attach new scales.  Since I'm far from being the Be All and End All of Swiss Army Knives, here's what he had to say.  Bear in mind it's adapted from a few emails, so if anything doesn't look right, blame the editor, not the writer!

 There were a lot of mixed reactions to the new titanium series knives from Wenger when it was announced at SHOT in January. Some folks were supportive, some not so much, and others were merely skeptical. When the price was announced that shifted a lot of people’s views of this series somewhat south, but folks should remember when looking at the price tag that titanium isn’t cheap.

 When the Mike Horn model was released a couple of years ago it was revolutionary, what with its dual one handed opening blades, round awl and special scales made from recycled plastic bottles and wood pulp. It stands as a testament to the lengths to which Wenger is going to ensure that professional adventurers like Mike Horn are getting exactly what they need to keep doing what they do. So far, they’ve been succeeding.

 Like the rest of us, celebrities suffer from a condition called mortality, and as such it seems that hardly a day goes by these days that we don’t hear about one or another passing away. Tragic indeed, but not usually the kind of thing we take note of on this website, so it’s only normal for you to be asking why we are paying attention to this one? Simple, Elizabeth Taylor has a Victorinox knife named for her, and we’ll honour her memory the best way we can- by looking closer at the knife that bears her name.

 With all the recent special edition ALOX models we’ve been seeing over the last year or so it’s hard to conceive of a way to keep doing something different, but here’s yet another variation to add to the collection!

 If there was a list of knives this year that everyone can’t wait to get their hands on, the Victorinox Swiss Cheese Knife would be pretty close to the top. The funny part is that Victorinox didn’t have a lot of fanfare about this one, and yet it’s garnered a lot more interest than any other new product, at least judging by the response on the various forums.