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Scale mods are among the easiest mods that can be done, and have the most impact on the SAK.  In fact, non SAK people will notice even a simple scale mod, like wood, before they would notice more complex layer or tool mods.

I am certain that any professional woodworker will consider this exactly how NOT to do it, or at the very least an extremely inefficient way of accomplishing what should be a relatively simple operation.  But, I have fun doing it and I get to make a good old mess!

Up for grabs is a 1940 Model Victorinox Soldier!

"Tim (FELINEVET) is making a special seasonal offer to SOSAK members: Purchase at least $50. in merchandise from the FELINEVET Shop and Tim will include an ALOX Solo or, for a $100. purchase, an ALOX Bantam free! Check out the Shop for lots of cool stuff. Lots of Red Alox and other unusual and hard-to-get pieces.

Bantam & Solo
When anyone mentions alox SAKs, most will picture the Soldier, Farmer, or one of the others from the Pioneer series.  This review will deal with their smaller and seemingly less known/popular  84mm siblings...The Cadets and Bantams.

    The idea behind this article is pretty simple. I always carry a SAK and a folder. I wanted to see how I would feel carrying just a SAK or only a single bladed folder. For six days- three outdoors and three in the city- I’ll carry a Spyderco Paramilitary, then I’ll do the same with a Victorinox Huntsman. By the end of the twelve day trial period I will, hopefully, have some useful conclusions.

I exited my car at the beginning of the small winding dirt road. I would have to walk in from here. No car would make the half-mile trek on such a deeply rutted road. I popped the trunk open and withdrew the tightly packed olive drab bag. The backpack was a US military ALICE (All-purpose Light-weight Individual Carrying Equipment) bag and it contained the items I would need in order to be comfortable for the next several days.

After toying with a ’01 Soldier for a few months, it’s now about right to do a review on this little alox bundle of goodness. It looks cool, but how does it really do? How does it work? How does it compare to that old standby, the Camillus BSA Scout?

When it comes to Swiss Army Knives, the blade, scissors, and corkscrew are probably the first tools to come to mind. But the corkscrew has found a competitor: the #2 screwdriver. The debate between which one is better has been a long and fierce one, and one can only imagine how many deaths were the result of this arguing.

It was Sunday and my daughter and myself were going to my wife’s 85-year-old Aunt to help her with her packing and her moving preparations.

The hard question was what knives to take? It was an old Victorian House with lots of big rooms and old antique type furniture. I did not know what to expect, so I took my Swiss champ (recently customised with blue translucent handles) and my Alox soldier.

The Victorinox versus Wenger debate will, for the most part, go on forever. The fans of either knife realize that the fine Swiss manufacturing in the knives makes BOTH brands superior for the price. However, like Coke versus Pepsi, Arm and Hammer versus Mr. Clean, or the .45 ACP versus the 9 millimeter, the debate will likely never be fully resolved.