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I have had Gerbers, they were the 1st Multipliers I owned. I will admit that I did abuse the hell out of the orginal Multipliers and broke three of them. Gerber was very good on honoring their warranty. I did not like the way the tools would fold in or how my palm would get pinched when bearing down on an item in the jaws.

I have to be honest when I first read about this contest I wanted to enter and win those custom scales (they would be purple for my wife’s Spartan). So I started thinking what could I write a review on?

For lack of a better term, this model has been called the "Every Implement Tool" and I am sure you can see why!

The Review Contest Has Ended!
 The winners have been announced!

This is the Great Wood Saw Challenge.  Despite these being all wood saws, I am testing them on PVC plastic pipe.  Why?  Good question, wish I had an answer!

    With everyone talking about one of these recently I decided that I should probably pick one up and see what they are all about.

The Fireman model comes in both one handed and regular models

I received a number of Transulcent Victorinox Spartans from Tim/Felinevet yesterday - that's really fast service for this order and that 84 Soldier.

I'm calling this 84mm a "Fieldmaster, one of the knives that Rich at Central Valley Wholesale sold to me for parts; it was in pretty rough shape. Because this knife was so unusual due to the configuration and nail file feature on the square shank Phillips, I thought it was worthy of a restoration effort.

There isn't too much new to see here, this model is very basic in design. The backsprings are the same thickness and profile; they are in fact interchangeable with each other. The center liner is full profile, providing an extra margin of strength to the knife. The blade layer shown is a B&H contract knife that had a broken spring. It has been fitted with a spare ICAR backspring in order to repair the knife.

I thought I would post a few pictures of SAK innards for those who might be contemplating this type of Mod.
Top pair is a Tinker and a Waiter with scales removed. Note the difference in the liners at the front rivet; I believe this is to accommodate the differences between the combo blade and the pen/nail file blades.