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First of all, sorry for the lack of pictures. I always lost or broke the cameras I carried outdoors, so I don’t take cameras on my trips anymore (besides, I really suck at photography).

Aitor is a company with a long story in knife making. They started in 1939 and focused on the hardware and working knife markets, later on they began producing fixed blades and folders for outdoors sports.

I have always loved knives. Big knives, small knives, folders or fixed blades. High end and simple knives. I have collected and used knives my whole life but the one knife I never had till I was an adult was a Swiss Army Knife. Once I discovered the SAK I have systematically sold or traded most of my tacticals and other fancy knives and focused mostly on SAKs.

The Swiss Army Gnomes kept me up all night!

This is just why I think that Swiss Army Knives are the most
practical and also the best option when it comes to carrying a knife.

Starting off with a battle of the heavyweights, here is a shootout between the Wenger Tool Chest Plus versus the Victorinox SwissChamp from our very own UnknownVT.

From time to time, members of SOSAK will stumble across a particular piece on eBay or other auction sites and will find themselves bidding against other members. 

Alot has been said lately about giving up the sleek tantos, carbon fiber, titanium and fancy integrated ambidextrous locking systems and high tech steels for the simple SAK.

When most folks think Swiss Army Knives, they think of red handled pocket knives.  When our in house modders think Swiss Army Knives they think of them as a canvas- a basis for a potential work of art.  Some examples of this from our resident modders are pictured here and each one proves without a doubt that no matter how you dress a SAK it's ready for anything!

Two I.C.A.R. contract Bundeswehr pocketknives (a.k.a. GAK - German Army Knife) will be used to make a "Mauser" type knife.