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Your personal survival kit should start with a Swiss Army Knife.

Pocket knives have made an impact in our society and are an important part of our daily lives. Ever since man had crafted the folding knife, we have seen everything from simple handmade knives made on a farm for general purpose work to pearl handled gentleman knives that were carried by those distinguished to carry them. The creation of the modern slip joint really has an incredible history and the craftsmanship in them is amazing. Granted these days the market is flooded with models produced over seas that don’t even come close to the craftsmanship of homemade designs, there are some things that cannot be mass produced. I may be talking about classic pocket knives, but let’s take a different angle on modern slip joints. Everyone has heard of, or has at one time owned a "Case" or a "Schrade" and we all have a place in our hearts for American cutlery companies, but one company beats them all hands down when it comes to quality and fit/finish.

This is your chance to have your very own One Handed German Army Knife!

Have you ever needed a knife, or a pair of scissors, or a screwdriver, or a pen, or a toothpick, or a nail file, or a can opener/corkscrew/cap lifter? I could go on, but you get the picture.

Through all the years I have been reading and participating in the internet forums, I cant count how many times people have laughed at and made fun of a Swiss-Army-Knife. There are comments about its cheap and/or soft steel, its size is no match for the big burly tac-folders, its delicate and could never hope to compete with a decent large fixed blade. Probably the worst thing is that I was one of those people years ago. I would readily laugh at the “Swiss thingy with a corkscrew”.

The sun peaked over the nearby hill as we made our way to the river. I could hear the water rushing past rocks just through the trees and I could smell the moisture that promised cool clean water. As we came out into an opening in the trees, I could see a stream of crystal clear water bubbling past, heading to an unknown location many miles away. Ahh, it was going to be a good day.

This is a braid that I have learned recently, is not very dificult except by the first movements. I obtained the instructions from the book EL Guasquero by Don Luis A. Flores

an example of the braid

Hey folks-
Good news! We switched SOSAKOnline to a faster, bigger and more reliable server so there should be an increase in speed. I have been noticing (and enjoying!) it all day!
The bad news is that no change ever goes smoothly, and we have temporarily lost the items from all the stores. If you are interested in making a purchase, please e-mail Tim, Tom, or myself with any requests until we get it sorted out.
Thanks for the understanding!
This is the collection of the wallpapers posted by SOSAK members in KF.

You can sell your soul or you can pass around my Spirit! Well, not mine really, but certainly either Tim's or Rich's Spirit is up for grabs!


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