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This knife was done about 15 years ago and is the one on which I learned how to do hardware Mods.

This is an Explorer provided by Tim at Felinevet for modding. The knife was in such good shape, I could have just cleaned it up and slapped a pair of scales on it!

These are simple modifications that I think of as in the style of those in Kathryn Kane's book.

PWork came up with another great Mod idea…scary isn’t it?
I thought the PNecker ideal was just a fluke…

It has occurred to me after collecting Swiss Army Knives for years that I have had a few curiosities about the symbolism of their emblems and trademarks. I didn’t know much about the Swiss Cross found on the Swiss Flag or whether it had any religious significance, but I wondered about it. Secondly, I wondered as many others I found out later, what the meaning of an “umbrella” had with Swiss Army Knives. And, I also wondered why CH was the official abbreviation for Switzerland. So, when I did a bit of research I found out some very interesting facts.

Not what you expected eh? I posted this to encourage all you guys to do your own work. I'm just a coffee table hobbyist using basic hand tools.

Something I have been working on for awhile, I am not sure it will be successful. The pictures you see are a second attempt at a linerlock. The mechanism is roughly the same as a SAK Trailmaster.

Hollow Handle SAK - This is just a quick mockup made from Plexiglas that I had around. It is on a Spartan for now; the right side of the picture shows it alongside a Huntsman.

    If you are like me you probably always thought that lightboxes were fancy, expensive things that onlt the pros needed or used and that they were expensive and a real pain in the butt.  Well, we are probably right, but I found a down and dirty, amazingly inexpensive way to get similar results!  Of course, I am far from a professional, and this will prove that, but you will also see what kinds of changes you can expect from a decent setup.

Good pics, like today's SAKtivity are well within the reach of folks with no skills!

 When one thinks of the unmitigated success that Victorinox has had over the years, it is easy to believe that any failures on thier part is a mere fairy tale. Nothing could be farther from the truth however. 

The Victorinox AutoTool dwarfs any other tool available

The SportRatchet isn't exactly a thing of beauty