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Oh the wonderful thing about bloggers is bloggers are a wonderful thing- Blogs are random, much like the thoughts bouncing around in my head!

In my part of the world it is a beatuiful sunny day today, and so I am just getting ready to go paddling in my kayak.  I'm digging out my paddles, lifejacket, Gatorade, whistle, rope etc, but as usual, the hardest part is deciding on what SAK to bring!

Usually it's limited to a one handed opener since in an emergency I'll need it fast, and a keyring, which isn't much of a problem since all the OH models have a keyring.  Of course as you see from the SAKtivity that I posted for the weekend, it's not always an OH model, although the Lumberjack is very closely matched to the Trekker- blade, saw, can opener, bottle opener (combo tool on the Lumberjack) but in a very compact package.

One of the many interesting challenges I wasn't expecting is learning to turn a seventeen and a half foot kayak around in an eighteen foot wide set of locks!

This is one of those rare times where, perish the thought, a tactical folder would probably outclass a SAK though.  I've had my eye on a Spyderco Rescue model, thinking that an easily spotted, one handed opening, serrated blade would be best to cut myself free in the very likely event of me rolling the kayak since I'm not very good with it yet!  Of course, the more I think about it, the less concerned I am with it, since there really isn't anything I could get tied up on!

So, while I may get myself an orange Spyderco Rescue blade, I doubt it will see any more use than the few other Spydercos I have left over from my tactical knife phase.

This revelation may be all well and good, but I'm back to wasting half the day trying to figure out what SAK to take with me!  Decisions, decisions!