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EBay- The Most Necessary of Evils

Like it or hate it, EBay is a necessary evil among collectors of anything.  I, like most people have had good experiences and bad, and my overall opinion has been formed not by EBay itself, but with the various folks I have dealt with.

Of course, as with gravity or oxygen addiction the truth is that we, as collectors need EBay whether we like it or not, and that it's really just an all powerful entity that we really can't have an opinion on any more than we have an opinion on the ozone layer.  It's there, we need it, it's not perfect, but we'll take it because we can't live without it.  The rest is just details.

Sure you can manage well enough with great retailers like Felinevet, Central Valley Wholesale and so on, but to get the really rare stuff that no one has seen before, you have to troll the auctions.  As with anything else, the amount of time you spend actively searching out new and previously unknown models directly equates to the depths of the SAK disease!

Since the cure is worse than the disease (how many times have you used your SAK already today?  Imagine if it wasn't there when you needed it!) I say best of luck to any and all of you collectors out there searching for the "Perfect SAK."  If you are anything like me, the perfect SAK is always the next one!