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What do you do with a perfectly engineered personal grooming kit in a trendy bright color?

If you are anything like my wife, you are so thrilled with your very own Wenger Nail Clipper in Watermelon Pink, you leave it in the bathroom cupboard.

My life is forfeit if she finds out I posted this picture!

Many of you will remember the recent trip I took in which my wife "discovered" my Wenger Nail Clipper and has borrowed it so much since we got home that I had no choice but to get her one for herself.  This is of course her first "For Her" SAK.  She has a SwissBianco Titanium scaled Classic on her keys, but I think the only use that's ever gotten is when I borrow it because my keys are in the ignition!

I took the time to sit her down and choose the color she wanted, then placed a call to Tim to make sure he had it in stock before letting her know that it was on it's way and getting her all excited.  Of course Tim had the right color in stock and ready to go, so I had him load it on the fastest jet USPS had available!

I can't help but think to myself how great it will be for my wife to have a SAK handy (in addition to the Classic she carries) to do all the things she gets me to do because she is scared of the sharp blades.  Hopefully, she'll learn to respect and use a good blade, and maybe, having a nice nail file and set of clippers around will finally cure her of biting her nails.  (Quick aside here- I can directly attribute SAKs for curing me of that habit.  Growing up I couldn't open the blades on my old Camper while my nails were chewed down to nubs!)

Well, so far all it's done is enjoy the quiet life, hidden in the cupboard.  I guess it's true what they say about leading a horse to water.  Eventually, she'll discover it is useful for more than once a week toenail trimming- I hope I am still around to see that day!