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Yet another update- good news too!  2007 SOSAK Knives have arrived and will soon be distributed to all members who ordered one!

Yup, not kidding- I just got word from Travis this morning, who says that the knives arrived at his place last night!  There is some sorting and checking that still needs to be done, so there’s still going to be a bit of a wait longer, but they should start showing up at members’ homes within the next week!

Travis has been working long hours lately and so didn’t get much of a chance to look them over properly yet, but a cursory evaluation shows that they look pretty good!  As many longtime SOSAK members know, few of the knives go off without one hitch or another, but for the moment, it looks like everything is good so far!  Keep your fingers crossed for a more detailed examination soon.

The official announcement will come from Travis later tonight or tomorrow in the SOSAK Forum at but it was just such great news I couldn’t contain myself! 

Thanks for running this project again for us Travis!  I know you are really busy lately, which makes us appreciate it that much more!  Yoodaman!