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Some Serious Thank Yous are in Order for Members of The Order

    It's been a few months now since we opened to the public, and I must say that while it's progress has indeed been slow, it is also growing quite steadily, and I'd really like to take a moment and thank everyone that is contributing.

    My own contributions have been a little sparse, I know, but that really has more to do with me not understanding the software, as I am certain is the case with many of you as well.  There are a couple of guys mind you that have been going at the SAK Encyclopedia like there was no tomorrow, and filling in all kinds of useful and handy information, and really helping to shape into something that everyone can use and appreciate, and I'd like to take a moment to single those guys out and embarass the heck out of them!

    AndyTiedye has been adding all kinds of information, including some really great details about some red ALOX models which I know is hard to come by anywhere else.  You have been doing a bang up job Andy, and I want to make absolutely certain that you know that I, and everyone else here appreciates the efforts you've put in!

    Bear_Claw_Chris_Lappe has also filled in a whole pile of information, much of which is very topical of late, what with the current Collection Highlight article being about one of Wenger's SwissBucks.  Thanks to Jeff's hard work in adding info to, I would have to say that we have now got probably the most detailed list of SwissBucks to be found anywhere!

    And, of course a thanks goes out to everyone who contributed and continues to contribute! will soon be the finest collection of SAK information to be found anywhere, and certainly a great resource for collectors worldwide!