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     Emails emails everywhere and not a thought to think!    

This is not a complaint- I always dreampt of being popular and I suppose it's finally happened!  I am working on a few big projects right now, both for SOSAKOnline and it's members, and for my other site and so I haven't had as much time lately to respond to emails that folks are sending in.

DO NOT STOP SENDING ME EMAILS!  I am not too busy to respond, and I consider emails with members to be very important, and I will get around to them as quickly as I can.  I appreciate reading the thoughts and ideas from members, and also answering questions as much as I can.  If it weren't for most of the thoughts you guys send in, I might not have the kinds of inspiration I need to keep cranking out articles for you every month- keep feeding me and I keep performing!

Of course I take solace in the fact that this time of year, many other people's lives are also hectic and so they probably understand when it takes a few days to get a response, so I appreciate your patience, and I will reciprocate if you don't manage to respond to me instantly!

I would also like to take a moment to congratulate SOSAK member NKB for snagging the XLT auction, which also comes with a Victorinox waist pack and a copy of the Victorinox Swiss Army Knives Collector's Companion, all of which were donated by a certain member who wishes to remain nameless.  Congratulations and thanks to both of you!