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     Wenger's BIG Announcement!    

Ever sit on a secret that you are dying to tell?  That's how I have been for the last few weeks.  Of course, it was made much easier by the fact that I really didn't know any details, so what could I tell if I wanted?

"Attention all members- I know that Wenger is up to something, but I don't know anything about it.  Please don't ask any questions, because I have no answers, but rest assured, something big is up, and I'm told it's very exciting!"

That wouldn't really go over very well, now would it?

Well, the time has come- I've been given some information to share with all of you, straight from a contact I have deep within the dark recesses of the Wenger Fortress! 

A new series from Wenger will debut at this year's SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and it's going to be the kind of thing that will get any SAK collector's blood pumping.  Wenger will be re releasing a limited number of their 1893 models- that's right, modern recreations of the first SAKs they produced in 1893.  From what I understand, they are to be hand built with chesnut scales and come in a gift/presentation box with some reprints of original documentation, and a certificate of authenticity!  Each one will also be serial numbered, and Wenger has an interesting plan for that too!

Wenger plans on releasing a new model every other year, and here's the interesting part.  Each dealer that orders a set run of serial numbers will get a shot at those numbers in the next run, so their customers (us!) will have an easier time getting a numerically matched set!

So how limited are the runs?  As is only fitting for an 1893 model, each run is going to be limited to 1,893 pieces, making this even more of a "must have" for any SAK collector.

Price on this model isn't set yet, but I don't imagine these ones will be cheap, so start counting your pennies now while you can!

I'll post more info when I get it, but one thing I can promise- I've already made arrangements to get pictures straight from the unveiling at this year's SHOT Show, so SOSAK members will know more sooner than anyone else!