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     All kinds of goodies in store for March!    

I know I haven't updated this as much as I'd hoped this month, but if you saw the sheer amount of stuff we got at the SHOT Show, you'd understand why!  I am still trying to dig through the catalogues and brochures we got, but I promise we'll have a whole horde of new stuff to posted on the first of March- the hardest part at this point for me is to figure out what I want to write about first!

It really was a very good time, except for the extra day I spent in the airport in Chicago, but that's another story entirely!  I'd like to thank my "Show Buddy" Bob for being my wingman in Las Vegas.  It would have been great without him, but it was much better with!  I also thought it was great to meet some other folks that I have known by reputation only, including our own Felinevet Tim.  In fact, I have to say, if you think Tim is a great guy on the forum or in emails, you simply have to meet him in person! 

Anyways, back to slaving over a hot scanner for me!  We have some very cool stuff coming, so bear with us!