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     Catching up!    

    Over the last little while I've been pretty preoccupied with SHOT Show stuff- first getting ready to go, and then coming back from and trying to assimilate the vast amount of information that I got while there.  It's simply amazing how much one can pick up by being at a show like that and meeting the folks face to face that you don't get from reading info in a book or online.

    Not that this is an excuse!  I have just put some time into updating the Swiss Army Knife Encyclopedia (aka with some extra info I had lying around.  I've got more coming, so be sure to check it out and add anything I may have missed.  If you aren't certain about the software, feel free to email any info or corrections you have to me and I'll see about getting it added for you.  I don't have all the answers (yet) but I'll bet between the 1900+ members we have here, we can answer pretty much anything!

    As usual, if you have any thoughts or questions, send them on to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!