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     A big thank you is in order for a few, dedicated members    

    Well actually, I need to thank everyone who has been sending in SAKtivity pics lately- they are really great, and it's fantastic to see a wide variety of SAK uses and models from different members all over the world.  That's what makes the site great- having input from everyone, and I hope you will all continue to help make that happen.

    But, I have some specific guys in mind to thank- Micky D and J-sews, known respectively as Mike and Bob to their friends.  While they may be miles apart geographically, they have come together to fill in the gaps in the SAKtivity gallery for everyone's pleasure.  For the last few days, and for the better part of the next week, we'll be enjoying SAKtivities from a variety of members, all posted by these two guys instead of yours truly.  Mike and Bob have helped out an awful lot in the past, with Mike learning to post pictures the day before I left for the SHOT Show in February.  Talk about a trial of fire!

    Both fill in for me with the SAKtivities fairly often, along with the trusty site technician Esteban, and these three guys really do deserve to be recognized for helping to make this site run smoothly for everyone's benefit.  Thanks guys- you are the best!