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     A Message From the CEO of Wenger SA    

I got the following note from Peter Hug, CEO of Wenger in Delemont when I informed him that we had our three year anniversary coming up.  It's a mark of pride for me that we as a group have built something large and interesting enough to have captured the attention of some of the biggest names in the industry.  Without further adieu, here is what Peter sent along:

Hello Grant,

Thank you very much for your interest in our brand and in our history. There are so many things going on it is difficult to choose what to share with you in this moment. However, I think one of the most exciting projects we are working on is the partnership with the adventurer Mike Horn. Following is some pre-information about his new project. Attached you’ll find some exclusive pictures taken during Mike’s last expedition to the Himalayan mountains.

Mike is about to launch his next project, called Pangea (after the name of earth when still all continents were unified to form one giant land surface.) The guiding principles of this project, scheduled to go on for about 4 years, are: Explore, Learn, Act! In fact, Mike wants to share his experience and his passion for nature and the people living under difficult circumstances, helping them in their struggle for clean water, in their fight against Malaria and many other projects.

Mike will travel around the globe for about 100’000 km by sailboat, hiking, swimming, horse back riding. During his trip he will perform tests developed by the Washington University and test if the theoretical results can be proven in nature. For certain parts of the track there will be teenager joining him.

Base of his team for the whole expedition will be the 35m long sailboat “Pangea”. The baptism of the boat will take place in Monaco by prince Albert of Monaco on May 17th. During the same event, Mike will inform the press about his project.

Wenger is proud to be technical supplier of Mike for this great project. Mike, who told me once: “If I have to use a knife during one of my expeditions, it has to get me out of shit!” is very demanding when it comes to put together his equipment. Easy to understand when considering that his life might depend on it.

For us it is a great experience to develop a new version of our NewRanger knife together with Mike. The first prototype of this knife featuring some real new ideas, developed together with, and especially for Mike Horn will be handed over to him during the baptism ceremony in Monaco. But here I will stop! More info about that new knife will follow at a later stage….

Best regards,

Peter Hug

Wenger SA
The Genuine Swiss Army knife
Rte de Bâle 63
CH - 2800 Delémont