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     Something to get up in arms about    

Wow, what a lazy bugger I must be- it's been over a month since I updated this BLOG! 

As you all know by now, I made it back safe and sound from this year's SHOT Show, and unlike last year there was no giant storm to strand me in Chicago, which I greatly appreciated!

There is a big pile of brown stuff about to hit the fan that I normally wouldn't get into since it's kind of political, but in this case, I feel it's only fair to members to make this known.  Soon members in the UK won't be able to see or buy knives on eBay.  As I understand it, UK sellers will be unable to list knives (including SAKS!) for sale, and buyers won't be able to access foreign based knife auctions to view or bid.  Thanks to NKB, we have the following info:

  ***Updated: Change to policy regarding sale of knives on and***     
23 February, 2009 | 12:06PM GMT

We’d like to update you on the changes to the policy on the sale of knives.

From 10th March 2009, all knives and swords except cutlery will be banned from sale on and The definition of cutlery includes those implements which can be used for eating, including cutlery sets, individual pieces of cutlery and antique cutlery.

All other items, including knives used in the preparation of food will be banned, including (but not limited to);
# antique knives
# bread knives
# craft knives
# Stanley knives
# camping/ survival/ hunting knives
# diving knives
# kitchen knives
# Swiss Army knives and Leathermans
# all swords

Under the new policy buyers will be asked to enter credit card details if they attempt to bid on or buy any item of cutlery in the new cutlery category. These details will need to be provided again after six months if the buyer seeks to buy or bid again.

We will be able to determine if the buyer or bidder enters the details of a debit card, solo card or pre-paid card, the types of card most likely to be held by under-18s. If the details of any of these types of cards are entered, eBay will prevent the buyer or bidder from completing the transaction.

If the bidder or buyer enters valid credit card details they will then be given the option to pay using any approved method of payment.

We will be strict in the enforcement of these new policies and any seller who repeatedly attempts to break this policy will face strict sanctions, including possible suspension from the eBay site.


The eBay Team

As you can imagine, this is a major source of frustration to our SAK collecting friends in the UK, and doesn't appear to be based on any changes in import laws or anything but eBay's internal policy.  This will also affect sellers in other countries as well, as it will limit the number of potential buyers that can see and bid on their auctions, so don't think you are safe if you don't live in the UK.

Fortunately, there is an alternative... or at least we are working on one- stay tuned to this space for details as they become available.  Meanwhile, check out to see how you can help keep these kinds of things from happening in your area.