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     Are you a member of SOSAK's Facebook Group?    

A little while ago one of our members (BIG-TARGET) aka Bryan set up a Facebook group for SOSAK members and it it's pretty successful, but just like looking at my SAK collection, we need MORE!

So, if you are a Facebook member and want to be a part of the group, just follow the link below and join the only Facebook Group that matters! 

SOSAK FaceBook Group

And, while you are checking out cool links, you may also want to look at Stressmaster5000's BLOG.  I'll be updating the links page soon with these and more cool links, but I thought I'd throw these out there now for everyone's enjoyment!

Also, in the last BLOG entry I hinted at a little something we were going to do to help out UK members and the new eBay ban, which goes into effect tomorrow.  Well, it's not quite ready yet, but we are working hard to get it up and running ASAP- more info as it develops, but here's a little hint...

You'll hear about it here first, I guarantee it!