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     New Mike Horn Knife From Wenger    

Ever have a secret you were dying to tell, but you couldn't?  Well, that's the way I've been for the last two months.  At this year's SHOT Show this year I got to see (and photograph!) Wenger's new Mike Horn knife, but only on the understanding that I would wait for the go ahead to release them.  It was a bit of a killer, waiting to show off some pictures and drop some details on such an anxiously awaited new model, but it had to be done.

For you dial up guys, sorry for the bigger pics, but I figured folks would want a really close look at it!

The brown scales are actually quite interesting- they are wood pulp mixed with recycled plastic soda pop bottles- picking up bottles along the way is one of Mike's "things" and the original plan was to make them out of bottles that Mike had personally picked up, but the logistics didn't work.  Luckily, there are lots of bottles everywhere to be recycled so it worked in spirit!

At the time these photos were taken, Mike had yet to see it, despite having helped to design it, which is why I couldn't show it.  However, it will be presented to Mike tomorrow.  As per Dennis Piretra at Wenger:

"It's being presented to Mike on Monday the 16th in Cape Town, South Africa."

So, as you can see, there are benefits to SOSAK membership- you get to see things here FIRST!