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     SOSAKOnline Anniversary Giveaways!    

By now most of you should be aware of the EDCDepot Anniversary Special and Giveaway that Marc at EDCDepot has offered SOSAK members this month, and Bob's generous offer from, but where are the others that support this site on a regular basis?

Simple, they are all here, each one waiting to drop their particular bombs for maximum effect.  In fact, we have quite a list of items to give away this year!  Tim and Tom (aka Felinevet and Rotokid respectively) have some fantastic prizes that will be revealed shortly, and WengerNA has gotten on board the SOSAK train with some cool stuff in addition to the cool graphic they sent along!  If you can't see the Wenger animation on the right side of the page, turn off your ad blocker, at least for a minute, as it's really cool and I want everyone at Wenger to know that I appreciate the time they put in to help us out!

Plus, our good buddy Travis, the man responsible for the SOSAK shirts, hats and annual knives has also sent along his best wishes for the SOSAKOnline Anniversary:

We also have a really cool custom modded SAK from Scott at The Knife Co-Operative, and some of you may remember that Scott is a world class modding guru, and tied for first place in the first SOSAK Mod Competition and one of his mods was on display at the Wenger booth for last year's Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake!  Stay tuned for your chance to win- details and photos will be announced shortly on that as well!

And, as if that wasn't enough, Doug at Freeport Knife Company is also offering a giveaway, with something that every collector is going to want to get their hands on, with pictures and details coming soon too.

So, how can you get in on these great prizes?  Easy- we'll be doing all kinds of different things to give all this stuff away to members.  All you have to do is keep checking back for opportunities to win.  For example, if you see Rotokid's logo as the SAKtivity pic, simply leave a comment on the pic and we'll pick someone at random to win one of Rotokid's four awesome prizes!  If you spot a Wenger logo in the SAKtivity window, leave a comment with your favorite Wenger model and you will be automatically entered to win a brand spankin' new Wenger S557!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our sponsors for helping to make this anniversary really special for everyone, and good luck to all the members who enter the various contests!  If it wasn't for all the support we get from sponsors and the attention we get from members, there would be no SOSAKOnline!