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                It seems my announcement of this knife last month was a bit premature- it’s still ongoing, but the mechanics of making this a reality have been a bit slower than I anticipated.  No one is at fault here, it just appears that resurrecting a deceased model and customizing it is a bit more difficult than we’d initially expected.

                Fortunately we have managed to make some headway, and so I do have some news to offer.  US sales will be handled directly from, while international sales will be handled through our own Felinevet, and the price from both will be $95USD.

                While that is somewhat more expensive than we usually expect for a KOTY, it is also an unprecedented release in that we are partnering directly with Wenger to produce this one, and it is, as I said a discontinued, hard to find model.  Plus, the original list price on this tool was $120USD, so I think $95USD is a steal!

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