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    Someone once told me, you can't get enough ALOX, and I happen to believe them!  This month we have plenty of ALOX eye candy, what with the Black Wilderness, the Armageddon Soldier and Rick's look at Pre Shield models, and now this one- the Sand Pioneer.

    In previous articles I commented on how nice it was to see different models used, but since we've been on different models for some time now, it's not a problem getting back to the old standard Pioneer, as long as there is something new about it, and in this case there is- we've never seen a sand coloured model until now.

    Other than the colour, the Sand Pioneer is a pretty standard model, complete with engraving plate, standard shield, key ring, main blade, awl, can and bottle openers, but that's not really a turn off for this model.  To a collector, any variation has merit, and this sand colour, which is sort of a faded gold should be of interest to just about anyone. 

I call this one "Evolution Of Color" even though it's chronologically out of order.  L-R: Soldier, Fischer Knife, Sand Pioneer, Gold Pioneer, Orange Pioneer, Copper Electrician, Brown Pioneer

    As usual, if you are interested in getting your hands on a Sand Pioneer, I suggest sending Tim in the Felinevet Shop an email and seeing if he has any left- but, since these are very limited (there are only 50 in existence), I would do it fast!