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Querido Esteban: te paso esta foto, a ver si te interesa para la SOSAK. Se complementa la SAKtivity con el link al video.
La descripción sería:
The Marcelo´s Stag Horn SwissChamp making the job of a BIG knife.
Creo que la foto y el epígrafe son bastante sugestivos y misteriosos, y llevan a ver el video.

Bueno, espero que te haya gustado la idea.

Un gran abrazo,

Or, for those of us that don't speak Spanish:

Dear Esteban:

I pass this photo to you, to see it interests if you for the SOSAK. The SAKtivity with the Link to the video is complemented. The description would be: The Marcelo´s Stag Horn SwissChamp making the job of to BIG knife. I believe that the photo and the inscription are quite suggestive and mysterious, and take to see the video. Good, I hope that you have liked the idea.

A great hug, mdm