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The Huemul is a national symbol of Chile.
It is under threat of extinction.
It needs your help.


The WENGER PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE® Project 2011 aims to raise US$20,000 to enable scientists to undertake a field trip in March 2011 where they will track, log, and monitor
the Huemul population in the Peninsular Brunswick region.

If you want to lend your support, read on and donate through the link on our website.

A critically endangered member of the deer species, the Huemul exists now in only a few small pockets of Chile. It is in the classic extinction spiral, marked by increasingly small, isolated populations, and action is needed now to prevent it from disappearing off the face of the Earth.

Little is known about their population status in Peninsula Brunswick other than the fact that they exist, something that has been proven by competitor sightings in past editions of the Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race.

The aim of this project is to pioneer the understanding of the Huemul population in the Peninsula Brunswick, to estimate their conservation status and finally to collaborate with other research studies and provide additional information for a conservation management plan for the species’ protection within the whole of Chile.

The WENGER PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE® aims to raise US$20,000 before the end of the next race in February 2011 to enable the initial scientific tracking and logging activity to take place. Any funds raised beyond this target will go towards the project’s second and third phases.

*Nómadas Outdoor Services® declares that all donations will go to the Conservation of the Huemul.