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    One of the good things about being me is the “in” I have with getting special models like this Black Wilderness model, the stealthy companion to last month's Orange Wilderness version.  The drawback is, and this applies to everyone, that if one should go missing in the mail as mine did, one is not likely to get a replacement.  I'd resigned myself to having this hole in my collection until another member stepped forward and helped me out.

    Like the Orange Wilderness, the Black Wilderness has a main blade, pruning blade and wood saw.  Unlike the Orange Wilderness, but as it's name would imply, the Black Wilderness is all black- the implements are black, the scales are black and even the liners are black!  The only thing that isn't blacked out on this model is the Victorinox shield, proudly displayed on the front- if you want a blacked out, tactical shield you'll need to either colour it with a Sharpie or try to find one of the impossible to get nowadays Scibeer HAIII customs.

    Also like the Orange Wilderness this one will live in my collection, and perhaps someday be on display, so I won't be able to comment on the durability of the black coating on the blade or saw.  My guess is that it wouldn't be terribly durable, so if you want this as a user knife, be prepared for lots of scratches, chips and worn paint.  Of course if this is a user knife then it doesn't much matter what it looks like, as it will more than fill the role of a good EDC knife.

    No matter what your plans are for this knife, it is a beautiful addition to any collection and well worth getting in touch with Felinevet to see about getting one for yourself!