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 What do Liv Tyler, Bruce Willis and Steve Buscemi have to do with Swiss Army Knives? Very little, but they have at least one connection that’s worth mentioning them here. In 1998 they all starred in a movie called Armageddon, and sharp eyes SAK enthusiasts were more thrilled with the Victorinox connection to the movie more than they were that a team of drillers were blasted off the planet to destroy a meteorite before it wipes out all life in Earth.

 No, Bruce Willis didn’t cut the meteor in half with a wood saw, or redirect the killer rock with a corkscrew- in fact, there were no SAKs visible in the movie at all. We can just assume that since a SAK is part of every NASA mission in the modern age that they were indeed there, waiting to be used, despite getting no screen time. The Vic shield though, was present in the movie, mounted on the front of the giant drilling rigs called Armadillos. After the drilling crew “customized” the Armadillos in preparation for their trip into space the rigs were also fitted with numerous NASCAR like decals, but the Vic shield was the most prominent.


 Since launching Ben Afflek into space is a cause for celebration, Victorinox created some knives for the occasion. One such knife is this bladeless version, no doubt because the TSA would have confiscated any standard SAK model. Unfortunately I don’t have a model like this one- Here's a thread involving Stressmaster5000 who has this one.


 I, on the other hand have recently managed to get a hold of another Armageddon branded knife, but this one is a Soldier model. It is virtually identical to any other Soldier, the only difference being that this one has Armageddon etched on the main blade. And, despite the movie being released in 1998, the knife is stamped 97- this makes sense when you think that the movie was probably being shot and edited through most of 1997. It only makes sense that the knife was ready to go and in stores when the movie was released.


 While the circumstances of me getting a hold of this knife weren’t terribly bizarre, I do consider myself quite lucky for having gotten it. While it may not have much more collectible value than any other 97 Soldier in mint condition, it is a bit of an oddity, and we all know how much I love oddities!


 So, in conclusion, there’s just five words I want to hear coming out of your mouth- That’s a really great knife!