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The Offizersmesser or Officers Knife. What knife is it? I narrowed that question down to two different opinions from two different sources. I thought I could do a little internet investigation and find the ultimate answer to the ultimate question for SAK lovers. The harder I looked the more confused I got. So who are we to believe?


1. The "Offizersmesser" the officer’s knife. In the Swiss Army, there was never a "Swiss Army Officer’s knife.” Each army personnel, whether soldier, colonel or higher in officer, had exactly same soldier's knife. Therefore, Victorinox uses the term Army knife with quotation marks. The name was a brilliant move by Karl Elsener from 1897. His ideas were for the more refined "Swiss Army knife" with additional small blade and corkscrew. This knife became a bestseller and laid the foundation for the unprecedented success story of Swiss pocket knife.
Horst A. Brunner


2. In the years 1945-1949 VICTORINOX pocket knives were sold in large quantities to the PX shops of the US Army, Navy and Air Force. It is largely due to these deliveries that the Swiss knife became so well known throughout the world. For American officers and soldiers the word "Offiziersmesser" was too difficult and tongue twisting, so they simply called it "Swiss Army Knife". Today this name is well known throughout the whole of the English speaking world. In France it is known as the "Couteau Suisse" and in Germany and Austria as the "Schweizer Messer", which also mean "Swiss Knife".


If I was to put my money on who was more correct, my money would be on the late Horst A. Brunner. You will notice I said more correct. I think the real answer to this question is lost in the corridors of time.


This part is for your enjoyment and entertainment.

Pronunciation in German  of Offizersmesser

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