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The year was 1977, and a small budget sci fi flick had just broken just about every record ever set for a movie released. That movie was Star Wars, and I, a mere three years old was taken by my parents to see it. While I don't recall the movie from that first viewing, I can say this- I have seen the entire Star Wars series enough times now that I can pretty well recite them word for word from memory. I am a Star Wars junkie, and I'm reasonably certain that at least one of the characters in last year's move Fanboys was loosely based on me- although I won't say which one!

The French adventurer Xavier Rosset embarked on a journey of survival that kept him 300 days in a remote tropical island.

Woooboy it's been awhile since I've written anything up here.  After getting an S-557 a while back I found it gave me a craving for an S-54 that just wouldn't go away.

There are so few great mistakes made by Wenger or Victorinox that we tend to be fascinated with the few that have gotten out there. Usually when we think about them the AutoTool and SportsRatchet from Victorinox jump to mind, followed by the SwissBeat mp3 players. One that often falls by the wayside but is no less an example of “what the heck were we thinking?” is the Wenger Swiss Business Tool. A few months ago, Alexei gave us his thoughts on the Business Tool, and now we get the enjoyment of seeing what I think of it!

After years of searching for the right Swiss Army Knife to fulfill my Every Day Carry needs, I have finally succeeded in finding The One.

Here we go again, with even more ALOX models than last time! This month I've added three new ones to my collection- four if you count the olive colored Cadet, which is not new, but is new to me, thanks to EDCSource!

The Atacama Desert is a virtually rainless plateau in South America, covering a 600-mile (1,000 km) strip of land on the Pacific coast of South America, west of the Andes mountains.

ALOX nuts can rejoice- colored ALOX models are still coming fast and furious! This month I have added three more to my collection- a Gray Farmer, a Yellow (or Gold, depending on your perspective!) Pioneer and a bit of a break from tradition with a Copper Electrician.

As many of you know, last year I purchased a small apartment building, and that I live in one of the apartments inside it. And, as you can imagine, it means that I now have a lot of work to be doing on a regular basis to maintain and upgrade it. I recently had to renovate one of my units in anticipation of a new tenant moving in, and what started out as a few SAKtivity pictures soon turned into a full blown article.

Last month I “reviewed” a plastic toy SAK, which was pretty neat in it's own right. This month I have been lucky enough to get a different model for review. Last month's model is identified by the model number 2805 while this month's is the 2810.