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Wenger's plan last year is continuing this year- some new stuff, but more about rounding out the foundation of the existing line than coming out with some earth shattering new products.  They had so many new models so fast that it's really good to see them putting some substance behind all the flash.

Patagonia Series

One of the most recurring questions to come up on the forum is about how the Wenger screwdriver locks work. We are all so indoctrinated when it comes to locking mechanisms that when a completely seamless, automatic system like this comes out, no one knows it's there!

Locked and unlocked


As far as I'm concerned, the best scissors ever included on a SAK bar none are the big Wenger folding ones like those found on the NewRanger 172. Not only are they built strong and sharp, they also are comfortable to use thanks to the well designed folding handle, which offers plenty of leverage. They are far more capable than the little scissors found on most SAKs. No clam pack or heavy cardstock is safe with these babies around!

Gabriela Mistral (April 7, 1889 — January 10, 1957) was the pseudonym of Lucila de María del Perpetuo Socorro Godoy Alcayaga, a Chilean poet, educator, diplomat, and feminist who was the first Latin American to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, in 1945. Some central themes in her poems are nature, betrayal, love, a mother's love, sorrow and recovery, travel, and Latin American identity as formed from a mixture of Native American and European influences. Gabriela Mistral was of Basque and Amerindian descent.



Collecting Swiss Army Knives is a fascinating hobby- no sooner do you think you've seen them all when something you have never heard of or seen before pops up. Let's face it, Victorinox and Wenger have been at this a lot longer than any of the rest of us, unless there are any members here over 126 years old that I don't know about?

Last month I posted a copy of the information on Victorinox's new products, and this month I thought I'd show off the method of how it came to me- a 1gb SwissMemory Flight in ALOX. Imagine my surprise when one of the Victorinox Representatives at the show handed me a SAK as a media kit! I think it might very well be the absolute best media kit I've ever gotten!

Every once and awhile something comes along and kicks you in the ass. I have been trying to throw in my 2 cents worth. (a) It help’s Grant to fill the odd empty hole when he publishes his monthly.  (I do not know how he keeps up his busy schedule or ideas) and (b) try to add a little Swiss knowledge and humor from my limited perspective.  This one caught me snoozing.

The AutoTool, 4⅞ inches (135 mm) long, 11.6 ounces in weight, was originally advertised when it came on the market in 1999 as an instrument with fourteen implements: (1) Pliers, (2) Wire Cutters, (3) Electric Crimper, (4) Wire/Bender Stripper, (5) Serrated Blade, (6) 3mm Screwdriver, (7) 5mm Screwdriver, (8) Phillips Screwdriver, (9) Can Opener, (10) Bottle Opener, (11) plastic Flashlight with an N style battery, (12) plastic Ice Scraper, (13) plastic Digital Tire Pressure Gauge, and (14) plastic Removable Fuse Puller.


With the introduction of the Dual Density line, starting with the 2008 Soldier knife, Victorinox may have opened a can of worms they weren't expecting. SOSAK member Jatrias started this trend by sending in some photos that I used as SAKtivities throughout March. He also posted them on the forum at, and several other members joined in as well!

Here's what landed yesterday morning: a Wenger Evo S557, all the way from Athens and trailmaster (for SOSAK denizens), through our beloved EDCSource!