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Last month I “reviewed” a plastic toy SAK, which was pretty neat in it's own right. This month I have been lucky enough to get a different model for review. Last month's model is identified by the model number 2805 while this month's is the 2810.

Like the previous one, this model is made by Klein and has very similar dimensions, but a very different tool loadout. Putting the two together, I would guess that last month's knife/fork/spoon version is more likely designed for smaller children, while this month's seems a bit more sophisticated, and seems like it would be better suited to older children who may still not be ready for a “real” SAK.

This month's model is somewhat more advanced than the 2805, with no shared components between the two. The 2810 model looks more “Cybertool-ish” and has some more advanced features like it's interchangeable bit driver and three bits which ride comfortably in a Cybertool like onboard carrier. While not actual, functional bits, they can be removed from the carrier and inserted into the driver end for all manner of pretend repairs that need a flathead or one of it's two phillips heads.

If the “repair” is more significant, then the pliers can be used, or for those serious breakdowns, there's a wrench with two cutouts on it to accommodate different sized nuts.

Continuing the Cybertool similarities, the 2810 also features translucent ruby scales with a built in red LED light. It's bright enough to keep children amused, and perhaps aid them in getting into a small amount of mischief (such as reading after lights out), but hardly bright enough to encourage them to explore dark mine shafts or blind themselves.

The last, and possibly most interesting feature on this model (and fully functional too!) is the double fold, 12cm (5 inch) ruler, which actually strikes me as something I'd like to see a “real” version of attached to a “real” SAK. It is hinged in the middle so that the full length of the ruler can be folded neatly into the handle, which is only 11cm long in total. Pretty handy having a ruler that is longer than the knife tucked inside!

And, like the 2805, the 2810 also features a lanyard ring with handy carabiner type clip on it, so it can be hooked to a backpack, belt loop or anywhere else your little adventurer wants to attach it so it's handy in case of “emergency!”

While I'm somewhat certain these toys are discontinued, they are still available from a few different sources. I got my 2810's (I bought three- one for me and one each for my nephews!) from Neil Bee's Hive of SAKtivity shop on EDCSource and I have seen them in other places as well. And, these are worth it, if for no other reason than the amusement you'll get when your wife rolls her eyes at you not only buying more SAKs, but also trying to get Junior hooked on them as well!