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Travis has given me the official word- the 2010 SOSAKOnline Knife Of The Year will be the Wenger EvoWood 18 with almost fifty percent of the votes!

Without trying to take away from our previous Knives of the Year, this year's is going to be a bit extra special. Every year I say the knives are special, and I really believe they are, but this year will be the first time we've really branched off from the normal patterns by having scales made of wood rather than nylon, cellidor or rubber as we have in the past.


So, on to the details. The EvoWood 18 features a main blade, nail file, scissors, wood saw (somewhat fitting, don't you think?), can opener, bottle opener, awl and phillips driver. The SOSAK logo will be laser etched into the wood, so it should be at least as permanent as the etching into the EVOGrip scales in the past annual knives, like the NewRanger 78 from last year and the EVOGrip 16 we did in 2007!


Thanks to a special deal from Wenger, we will have this year's Knife Of The Year priced at $61.00US each (plus shipping) which is well below the MSRP of $84.95 for these special knives. So, how does one go about placing their order? Simple- follow this link to the order form and Travis will contact you as soon as possible with shipping quotes!

2010 SOSAK EvoWood 18 Knife Of The Year