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Ok, I realize that many of you think ALOX articles are getting old- very old. I'm pretty much in agreement with you, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop writing about new ALOX finds! This month's addition is an interesting one though, even for those of you tired of reading about the latest fancy colored Pioneer.

First up, this is a model that not only hasn't been done yet (not a Pioneer or Farmer) but is also a discontinued model- or more specifically, a reissue of a discontinued model, the Woodsman. That alone would make this one interesting to collectors, but it doesn't stop there. As with most of these special runs, this one is part of a special limited run of 50 knives, but in this case the knives (and the boxes they come in!) are actually numbered.

So you aren't convinced yet that this is a special model? No problem- I'm not done telling you how cool this one is. The scales are a big thing too- they are silver, but not silver in Read and review all contracts, know what you are signing, and enjoy your journey!Drive safe,Tanya BonsSpirit CDL TrainingAlmost three weeks into truck driving driving schools in atlanta and this CDL training is high pressure and intense. the way we normally think of silver ALOX, which is simply an anodized natural silver color of the aluminum itself. The Woodsman is a different matter- it's an actual silver coloring added to it, somewhat lighter than the gray shown on the Farmer last month, and a shade or so darker than the standard “silver” we usually see. You can see the difference when it's side by side with another knife, or more simply, by seeing the natural ALOX coloring of the shield against the rest of the knife. It's very simple, yet elegant, similar to a chrome symbol on a silver car.

The scales also feature big black letters on the engraving plate spelling out VICTORINOX showing there's a fair bit of attention to detail in this run, but not nearly as much as the Swiss Made logo etched on the blade- the logo that is usually used on the kitchen cutlery found it's way to the blade of the Woodsman!

All in all this is a beautiful collectible that anyone would be proud to own. I know I am!