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If you've been on the forums lately you have seen some interesting new colors appearing in some members' collections- Green, orange and blue ALOX models have been showing up, and for some reason they seem to be mostly coming from South Africa!


Colored ALOX is nothing really new- whether it be the black anodized Ted Nugent Farmer, to the traditional red ALOX, to the various colored Cadet models that were all the rage a couple of years ago, it seems that Victorinox has slowly come around to realizing that the collector market (and probably others, but who cares about them!) likes colored ALOX. Why it's restricted to certain small markets, I'll never know, but it certainly does add to the thrill of the hunt!

Since Felinevet was able to secure a small supply of some of these models, I was sure to get one for my own collection, and sure enough, the orange Farmer arrived quickly and safely! The pictures I had seen of it simply did not do this beauty justice, and as one would expect from Victorinox, the anodizing was flawless, and there wasn't even so much as the hint of a chip in it, despite it's long journey from Switzerland to South Africa to California, and then to the Atlantic Coast of Canada where it will stay until I decide to move on!

A little while before that, my good friend and fellow moderator on Alexei managed to get some of the blue ALOX Pioneers, and I was fortunate that he offered me an opportunity to get them from him- you can imagine how long it took me to respond to an offer like that!

As with the Orange Farmer, the Blue Pioneers are flawless, and will happily fit into my collection alongside the black and red Pioneers offered on QVC a few years ago, and the Blue Farmer that was offered on it;s own or gift boxed with a 2xAA light.

So what's in store next? I don't know, but I can be sure of this- whatever is next, I'm up for it!


Editor's Note- Since writing this article I have heard rumors about BROWN ALOX models perhaps becoming available in limited numbers!  Contact Tim at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details!