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Collecting Swiss Army Knives is a fascinating hobby- no sooner do you think you've seen them all when something you have never heard of or seen before pops up. Let's face it, Victorinox and Wenger have been at this a lot longer than any of the rest of us, unless there are any members here over 126 years old that I don't know about?


As such, can any collection truly be complete? Or, can you simply complete mere sections of your collection? Selecting models with specific features is a good way to narrow your collection, and allow you to focus on specific areas of a collection, which allows you a slight glimmer of actually completing at least something!

So it stands with my latest package- a one handed Parachutist, which was one of three OH models initially produced. Along with the Fireman and Trekker models the Parachutist got the one handed, liner lock treatment and is virtually identical to the One Handed Trekker, except that it replaces the saw with a curved, serrated belt cutter. As some of you may remember from an OH Fireman review I did some time ago, I felt that the OHF was a little thick since it is equipped with both the belt cutter and the saw, but the Parachutist is the same size as the OHT and so feels somewhat more natural in my hand.

By the time I realized I'd accidentally started an OH SAK collection, the Parachutist had been discontinued, and due to it's poor sales history, finding one was somewhat difficult. It's taken me several years of somewhat casual searching, and careful opportunistic pouncing to get one of these from another SOSAK member on Knifeforums, proving that membership does indeed have privileges!


The bottom line here is that I have finally completed one aspect of SAK collecting- I now have all of the current OH models available, which is great, because with the new Dual Density models being released soon, I'll have more than enough to concentrate on soon!