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Continuing on with the ALOX theme this month, may I present the Scibeer HAIII ALOX Stalker? This Scibeer custom will be one of the last mods available from Scibeer, as he is retiring from SAK modding. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I not only heave a sigh of disappointment at the end of a SAK modding era, but also when I wish Bill well in the future with whatever he does next. Bill, your mods are excellent, and should you ever come out of retirement, I can guarantee you at least one fan will be lined up!


Before I get to the knife, I'd like to point out that the last few Scibeer mods will be made available on when they are available, so if you haven't signed up there yet, or have but don't check it that often, these are things you will want to remedy, or take a chance on losing out on a Scibeer Special, perhaps forever!


Now on to the Stalker itself- it features the same virtually indestructible HAIII hard anodizing as the HAIII Farmer I posted a review on some time ago. This is the hardest anodizing you can get, so if you like pristine looking knives no matter how much abuse you heap on it, this is the way to go! During our last Maine Meetup I happened to bump into VSAKCS supporter and owner of Freeport Knife Company, Doug Dillman, who used a quarter to test the coating, and the Farmer walked away smiling, although the edge of the quarter was worn down somewhat!

Interestingly enough, the Stalker I have has two “front” side scales, which means it has the Vic shield on both sides, and Bill was nice enough to position the Stalker's pocket clip so that it doesn't cover up the “backside” shield! According to Bill, there were some issues with the anodizing process, and he ended up with more “front” scales than “back” ones, but I'm more than happy to have it!


The pocket clip mentioned above is screwed firmly into the scale with two Torx head screws, so it is removable if you decide you don't like it. Since it's a low rider clip the knife sits comfortably and securely in your pocket, and is unlikely to find it's way out at an inopportune moment.


Inside the Stalker is basically a Farmer model with the addition of a scissors layer between the can and bottle opener layer and the saw layer. The blade and awl are in the usual location. Each tool functions flawlessly, even the scissors which were never designed to be used in the 93mm ALOX frame- they are salvaged from a 91mm cellidor model, but you'd never know that from how well they open and close. In fact, the only telltale sign they don't belong is the hollow on the backside of the knife, where the scissor spring is usually paired with the utility hook. Unfortunately without major modification the 91mm hook wouldn't fit on the 93mm frame (plus it would need another pin) and so the hollow is left empty. I don't mind, as I prefer the function of scissors over a perfect look- and in fact, I think the hollow adds to the industrial type look of the knife!


Thanks to Bill for this latest addition to my collection- I promise to keep it safe and well exercised!