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Members of the Official Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Collector's Society will spot a familiar name in the latest newsletter- VSAKCS president Dan Jacquart has published a quick review of the 2010 SHOT Show that I submitted to him recently.


For those who aren't members of the Collector's Society, you aren't just missing my latest ramblings- and shame on you for not supporting VSAKCS if you aren't a member of that fine organization! In addition to a membership package that includes some cool stuff (pin, sticker, membership card etc) you also get the quarterly newsletter, which contains all kinds of info that only an official organization has access to!


Membership in VSAKCS also entitles you to purchase one of the annual Club Knives, which is usually something interesting, like the gold Farmers, Master Craftsman Reissue or the “Two Years Of Soldiers” resulting from a shipping incident.


To help sweeten the pot, Dan has offered to provide two free memberships to lucky SOSAK members who sign up for VSAKCS this month! To be eligible for this offer, contact Dan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details. Please be aware that this offer is for new members only, and doesn't cover renewals.


No serious collector should be without a VSAKCS membership!