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Hello, my name is Grant, and I EDC a Wenger. In fact, I have several Wenger models in my EDC rotation, as you well know if you check out the day's SAKtivities. While I tend to gravitate towards newer Wenger models like the S557 or New Ranger models, there was another model that started it all- the Wenger Adventurer.


Basically the Adventurer is a Traveler with Wenger's PackLock blade locking feature added to it, and back in the days when my trusty Camper was my only SAK and I was flirting with the new and sexy world of tactical type knives I decided to give Wenger a shot. As luck would have it, I was visiting my local knife dealer one day and I bumped into the area representative for Swiss Peak (now called SwissMar, Wenger's Canadian distributor) who was nice enough to give me my first lessons in knives from Delemont.

He also tool the opportunity to go into great detail about the features on Wenger knives and how they were different from Victorinox equivalents- things like locking screwdrivers, backspring supported scissors that were also self sharpening, and the PackLock locking blade feature.


We also spoke for some time about what I liked about my Camper and what I thought was missing, and eventually we agreed that the best model for me would be an Adventurer, which basically gave up the saw n my Camper and traded it for scissors, which as the one thing I always felt my Camper was lacking. At the time I didn't realize that this was the Wenger equivalent of the Victorinox Climber, but if you are a SOSAK member, you've probably already figure that much out!

Naturally, I not only bought the Adventurer on the spot, but I also placed an order for a SwissGrip which I'd seen someone else at work carrying and decided I needed to have as well!


I started carrying the Adventurer right away an semi- retired my Camper. The smaller size of the Adventurer (85mm frame versus the 91mm Camper) meant it fit comfortably into the watch pocket of my jeans although if it as turned the wrong way the lock release would occasionally catch on the seam when I pulled it out. This was a small price to pay for the security of a locking blade in my mind and I quickly learned to twist it slightly when pulling it out to make sure it came out smoothly each time. I also found that I missed the small blade, since I usually used the main blade for general cutting jobs an reserved the small blade for precise cuts or jobs needing a sharp, fresh edge. Still, as much as I missed the small blade, I was very happy to have the nail file since I'd finally managed to stop chewing my nails, which I'd done my entire life.


The best selling feature to me though was the locking screwdrivers. Over the years my Camper had drawn a lot of blood from me, but none so painful as the few times a screwdriver had folded on my fingers while arguing with a tough screw.

All in all I appreciated the differences between the Adventurer and what I as used to. By the time the SwissGrip came in I had decided I was hooked on SAKs, and I'd already bought a Midnight Manager, but that's a story for another time!