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One of the most recurring questions to come up on the forum is about how the Wenger screwdriver locks work. We are all so indoctrinated when it comes to locking mechanisms that when a completely seamless, automatic system like this comes out, no one knows it's there!

Locked and unlocked



The true beauty of this lock system is that it is completely invisible to the user- in fact, if you have an 85mm or 120mm Wenger model made in the last fifteen or so years, you have likely experienced the screwdriver lock and just didn't know it. It works simply by putting pressure on the blade, such as when trying to turn a screw. The driver pushes into the handle slightly and locks into place so it won't fold on your fingers. Then, when you release the pressure, the screwdriver slides back out and you can close it, oblivious to the locking and unlocking function!


Since the screwdriver only slides in about 1-2mm it's almost imperceptible during use, which is likely why no one seems to believe that it actually exists. Not only can I personally vouch for it's existence, I have the fingers to prove it!

Lock Notch

Why is this feature so important? Well, in the past hen using non locking screwdrivers I have found that reasonably aggressive twisting motion can often cause the screwdriver to fold, and in my experience, that can be terribly painful. If it's ever happened to you, I'm sure you can agree!


In short, if you've ever had a SAK screwdriver fold on you at an inopportune time, check out Wenger's locking drivers. If not, well then this feature can still add some security for you, ensuring that it never does!