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Wenger's plan last year is continuing this year- some new stuff, but more about rounding out the foundation of the existing line than coming out with some earth shattering new products.  They had so many new models so fast that it's really good to see them putting some substance behind all the flash.

Patagonia Series

The ones that caught my eye are the new Patagonian Expedition Knives, which is something I was waiting for since I first saw the EVOGrip 18 in yellow:

Now in YELLOW!

The series consists of a New Ranger 178, EVOGrip 18 and an EVOGrip 81 (think Esquire with EVOGrip scales) all in yellow with the Patagonian Expedition logo laser etched into the rubber similar to the 2007 and 2009 SOSAK Knives of the Year.

Laser Etching

As you can imagine I have been drooling over the idea of a yellow Ranger 178 (OHT type) for some time, and I was thrilled to see it actually happen!

It was almost impossible to leave the knife at the table when we left the booth!

New Alinghi

There's also a new Alinghi model which gets the EVOGrip treatment, and gets a hexagonal slot cutout in the handle.  The gray inserts really set off the black scales, and makes this a really eye catching knife!

New handles!

The sheath has also been redesigned to include space for flat head and phillips screwdriver bits.  They are standard 1/4" hex bits, so you can swap them out to whatever bits you need!

Alinghi Blade

Other than the new look, new sheath and the screwdriver slot, this new knife is all Alinghi!

Simply Beautiful

And, since Peter Hug, CEO of Wenger SA did it to me, I'm doing it to you..... he hinted at the possibility of a new knife coming out in the spring, but he had few details and wasn't letting out the few he did have!  He was confident that we would like it, and that SOSAK members would be the first to hear about it!  I plan to harass him constantly, and I'll post new info as soon as it becomes available.

Peter Hug