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When westopped at the Victorinox Both, we spent most of the morning there.  It was a great time and we got to look at all kinds of new items- some we knew about, and one new series was completely new to us!  It's hard to pull a new item out without SOSAK members knowing about it, but they did it this year!

You can imagine my surprise when I saw these!  Ceramic kitchen knives from Victorinox!  I instantly fell in love and spent a good amount of time talking to the new cutlery rep since Cutlery Girl is no longer in charge of that department.  She's now doing some work with the reps, but in a different capacity, and I wish her all the best!

The biggest in the series, the 6" santoku has an MSRP of about $120, which is not only reasonable for a ceramic blade, and is well worth it- ceramic blades rarely need to be sharpened, and are a joy to use.  I had a Boker ceramic kitchen knife and I loved it, until I passed it on to my mother, who still loves it today!

The dual density line is well documented by now, so I didn't spend a lot of time looking at them, although I did get a few pictures.  The new DAK also comes in a civilian version calls the Dual Pro, which features dual density scales similar to the New Soldier, but I wanted to see how it operated.

Looking closely you see that the liner lock for the main blade is very similar to the one used on the OHT/Soldier except that instead of the opposite end (from the blade) locks the secondary blade, rather than the bottle opener.  A second locking liner is used to lock the bottle opener open, so it can still be used as a light duty pry bar.


Victorinox also has plans to release a limited run of damascus bladed Pioneers with black anodized scales.  I have no pricing info on these yet- the price was not set when we spoke to them.

There is a lot more information this year available in the media kit we got, which was actually in the form of a SwissMemory Flight model- blackjack 58mm ALOX scales with a 1g flash drive inside!  Rather than regurgitate it all, here is the info and pictures straight from the Horse's Mouth!