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Here we go again, with even more ALOX models than last time! This month I've added three new ones to my collection- four if you count the olive colored Cadet, which is not new, but is new to me, thanks to EDCSource!

The new models that came in this month are the orange and green Pioneers which were ordered months ago from a dealer in South Africa, and finally arrived a few weeks ago. As with all colored ALOX models, they are very beautiful, and will fit nicely with the rest of my pretty colored Pioneers. Thanks to Alexei for ordering some extras and letting me tag along on the order!

The other arrival this month is a hunter green Farmer, different from the bright green of the Pioneer, and yet also different from the two green Cadet models. All of which are a different green than the green on the Escort I found two years ago at Freeport Knife Shop in Maine.

There is actually a good variance in colors, which I think it interesting- take the blue models for example. Here is a photo of the Blue Pioneer, Blue Farmer and Blue Cadet- not the similarity in the larger models and the difference in the smaller Cadet. Different color choices, but both desirable to collectors.

Then take the Orange Farmer and Orange Pioneer, which are again the same shade of orange, while the Orange Cadet is a different shade, halfway between the brighter orange and the Copper featured on the Cadet on the right.

As with all of these special runs, the Hunter Green Farmer is limited to about 50 pieces, and for those who are still looking for colored ALOX, there is currently a run of copper colored Electrician models available from Felinevet. Frankly, I am glad to see both a new color, and a different model, rather than Pioneers and Farmers. Admittedly, they are the most popular ALOX models out there, but it's still nice to see something different, even if the Electrician only differs by swapping the can opener for a small, broad electrician type blade.

Some folks, myself included, have wondered about the recent flood of colored ALOX, and what it is likely to do to the market for SAKs. It is becoming a bit excessive, but there are two things to take note of here- First, it isn't Tim (Felinevet) that is commissioning these knives, they are limited runs commissioned by other parties, and Tim is simply obtaining the surplus once their needs are met, and providing them to members. Second, while he does not have control over the runs being commissioned, he does want to offer them to SOSAK members because he is the premier SAK dealer, oriented towards the collector. It simply wouldn't do for him to not have these models available if they were offered to him, and as a result, collectors would have to look elsewhere for them, and we can't have that! The kitties demand loyalty!

Most importantly though, regardless of whether you think this is excessive, or whether you are simply in a blissful colored ALOX haze, the reality is that they are beautiful, and as collectors, many of us are drawn to them the way moths are to different colored ALOX flames!