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The year was 1977, and a small budget sci fi flick had just broken just about every record ever set for a movie released. That movie was Star Wars, and I, a mere three years old was taken by my parents to see it. While I don't recall the movie from that first viewing, I can say this- I have seen the entire Star Wars series enough times now that I can pretty well recite them word for word from memory. I am a Star Wars junkie, and I'm reasonably certain that at least one of the characters in last year's move Fanboys was loosely based on me- although I won't say which one!


While I never did attempt to break into George Lucas' house to see a screening of The Phantom Menace before it as released, I do have a fair bit of Star Wars Collectible paraphernalia, although admittedly not nearly as much as I used to. Other than the self reliance and respect for sharp things I learned from having a SAK as a kid, I as influenced heavily by the concepts of good vs evil in Star Wars, and that those lines aren't always clear cut- after all, Han Solo was technically a criminal, a smuggler and pirate, but he was a heroic figure nonetheless, and Darth Vader, the ultimate in cool bad guys who could kill with his mind, his bare hands or his awesome red lightsaber without remorse, eventually redeemed Um diese zu erhalten, melden Sie sich einfach in dem Online Casino mit einem Bonuscode an und konnen vollig unverbindlich Roulette oder ein anderes Casinospiel ausprobieren und sich uber die Gewinne freuen, welche Sie ganzlich ohne Risiko einfahren konnen. himself, although we did have to wait until 1984's Return Of The Jedi to see it!

Needless to say, when someone on the forums posted a link to these Japan only Victorinox Classics, featuring R2-D2, Darth Vader and stormtrooper images on the scales, well I simply had to place an order immediately. After all, it was Star Wars, and it was collectible SAKs not available in my region. How could I say no?

For the most part, they are typical Classic SD models, and the instruction sheets I imagine are typical of the Japanese market knives. They look pretty much identical to the instruction sheets I'm used to, although written in Japanese, which as I understand it is common practice in Japan! Perhaps if we have any Japanese members, they can shed some light on whether or not this is typical of Japanese instruction sheets. My guess is yes, since there are no Star Wars or other logos on it, it shows more generic SAK pictures, and it's pretty well the same layout as an English instruction sheet.

The boxes are also marked with the Star Wars logo, but are otherwise the usual Victorinox silver box. Each is marked on the end with the knife type inside.

Inside however, the knives are actually quite nice. The images are simply silk screened on but are quite detailed. Each character is represented carefully, with some background behind them rather than just simple static images.

On the reverse scale, each simply has a Star Wars logo, also quite tastefully done.

While these knives were somewhat more expensive than I would have ever considered paying for a Classic (about $40 each) I am still glad I got them. Given their price alone these are definitely shelf queens, only seeing the light f day for the odd fondle an drool session, especially since the application of the images is not terribly durable. They are great collectibles, and bring together two great influences and passions in my life. My name is Grant, and I am dork!