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This has to be the only aluminum beer bottle puncture tests ever done.  Anyone could use leather, nylon, wallboard or any other common house hold items. I used aluminum beer bottles. How much effort would it take to punch a hole into the bottle? If you can not get the cap off or the wife wanted to make wind chimes, which is the easiest knife to use?

    Recently I was able to get some cool Wenger models that I've been wanting for a while, but were always a lower priority than other models.  For the longest time, dealers were liquidating the various Sport models for very low prices, and so I, like many others, envisioned these would almost always be available.  Sadly, that was not the case, as the seemingly bottomless supply of them has been drying up, so if anyone else is holding off on getting them, you shouldn't hold off too much longer.

A strong 111mm that can be used by profesionals or civilians, buildt to last.

Maybe I hung myself a little up in the belt cutter because I knew the serrations was sharp but when I got a problem finding materials to be cut and saw that nothing really could stop the blade from doing its job, then I understood that Services Range has extreme qualities.

Recently there was a bit of a hubbub generated about Victorinox instituting and enforcing Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) on their dealers, causing Tim at Felinevet to raise the prices of certain models in his store. Some of you may have noticed, some may not, and others may have read about it on the forums. Well, I have been meaning to address the issue for the benefit of everyone for some time now, to dispel any rumors or concerns folks may have regarding this.

Often times we see mods here, and while they are all great, sometimes you wonder where the idea, inspiration or thought came from.  In this article showing Gary's latest mod we also see what the inspiration was for it.  

Longtime readers will know the name PTHYCRPG from his contributions to SOSAKOnline over the years. Some of you will also know him as Rick, and possibly even know that like myself, he's a Canadian SAK collector who does some work with the Canadian Rangers.

I had a few good purchases on this week, but the SAK collectors here will want to concentrate on two of them. As I mentioned in last week's article there is a nice Money Clip and Space Pen set which came in a beautiful box. The other, is a special edition Rucksack model, which I believe is one of the great unsung SAKs. In fact, a couple of years ago a Rucksack model went with me to visit my father, but never made it home!

One of the great things about collecting SAKs is that Victorinox and Wenger have been at it so long, that there are always hidden gems that keep you guessing. Add to that the millions of variations, custom pieces (both factory and aftermarket) and one off models and you have a virtually limitless supply of oddities, and the more you look, the more you will find that you know less than you thought you did! And, it gets even more interesting when you have friends that are looking out for you!

By now just about all of you who ordered the 2009 SOSAK Knife Of The Year should have them in your hands- if not, be patient as they should be along soon enough. If you didn't order one, there is a rumor going around that a certain dealer may have ordered a few extras, but I haven't got any information on that, nor whether he may have any left.