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    The masses have spoken, and the 2009 SOSAK Knife Of The Year has been chosen!  Thanks to everyone who voted, and by a very wide margin the RangerGrip 78 has been selected to be the seventh SOSAK Knife Of The Year!

    Unfortunately I don't have a RangerGrip 78 (yet!) in my collection, so we'll have to settle with stock photos until the real thing comes in!

    For those not familiar with the RangerGrip 78, it is a new model added to Wenger's lineup this year, and features red scales with rubberized grippy inserts in them.  It also features a large (and I mean LARGE!) locking, one handed opening plain edged blade, can opener with integrated screwdriver, bottle opener, wood saw, reamer and phillips screwdriver- basically a larger version of the better known Victorinox One Handed Trekker.  Interestingly enough, this was also the knife that Wenger put forward as their take on the new Swiss Army Knife!

    It makes a grand addition to the previous models, which are:

2003- Black Huntsman
2004- Translucent Sapphire Deluxe Tinker
2005- Cobalt Blue Hiker
2006- Black Bladed One Hand Trekker
2007- Red EVO-Grip 16
2008- Hunter Green Waiter

    More information on previous SOSAK Annual Knives available on

    So now to answer the questions on everyone's mind- how do you get one?  Simple, follow this (link removed) to the order form, fill in the info and Travis will get back to you with shipping info, quotes, payment options and the whole nine yards!  Knives are $46.95 plus shipping, well shy of the suggested list price of $68.95 from Wenger NA!

    I think this is going to be the biggest SOSAK Knife Of The Year ever- at least physically!